About us

Who we are

eDataWorld is a leading global services firm that provides a portfolio of Consulting, Staffing and Outsourcing services & solutions to a broad range of clients and industries worldwide. eDataWorld has operations globally and offshore delivery centers at Hyderabad India.

We love to help

At eDataWorld, we are committed to keeping both our customers and staff members happy.

We keep our customers satisfied by providing them with great solutions and staff that will help them to develop their ideas and bring them to life. We search for the best staff members and allow you to talk to them and find the one that will suit your needs.

On the other hand, our staff members are always eager to help. We allow them to choose whether or not to be part of a project and pick the ones they are interested in. They are always looking for new challenges, learning experiences and helping you, the best way they can, to achieve your goals.

Our staff has expertise in a variety of technologies, we can deliver high-quality solutions that would help you work most efficiently.